What is kenetelling

Kenetelling is a movement and a gathering for provoking and celebrating the Spirit of Creativity through teachings, creativity contests and platform for cheap launch/release of ideas (books, songs, codes, designs etc) to the world aimed at raising 3 billion highly creative people through whom 80 billion new products will be released as they prepare for eternity.

Since the eternal God is the Originator, Father, Beginner, Giver and Finisher of Creativity, it therefore means that every idea, invention, insight, inspiration, innovation, strategy and product should remind, exalt and point us back to Him. .

Rev. Kenechukwu Chinweike Isaac- kenetelling
Kenechukwu Isaac Chinwike

What inspired kenetelling

I was inspired by the love for Inspiration and Insights for creating something out of nothing. It amazes me forever. As I read through the Bible (the Creation account in Genesis), I discovered that God actually created everything in the universe from nothing – I mean practically from nothing. He called them forth by saying “let there be light,” “let there be this… or let there be that.” And each of the things He ever called out immediately came into existence. That is a Wonderful Creator for us!

The Bible further records that God calls those things which are not as though they were – Romans 4 vs. 17. Really? I am amazed. Then in the same Bible we are told that we are godsi.e. God has positioned you and I at the level where we could actually produce things that we think about out of nothing. Amazing! The Bible to me is a book of possibilities and Creativity. 
Just imagine one day as I was reading the Bible and I came across a place where Jesus asked a man whose hand was withered to stretch out his withered hand. And you know what? As the man stretched out that withered hand he became healed i.e. the withered hand was restored. 

Then, I read the story of a man in the Bible called Jacob who was serving his father-in-law for fourteen years…. He was tending the man’s sheep but the man failed to pay his wages about 10 times (check the Bible, maybe ten times or more). Then you know what happened? This man went to God and God gave him a formula he used to create a new specie of sheep. Humanly speaking, this formula had no link with sheep rearing, but that is how the Spirit of Creativity seems to operate. What did Jacob do? Genesis 30: 37 – 43. 

Then I read another story of one Joseph whose brothers sold into slavery out of sheer hatred for his many dreams of becoming greater than them. In the land where he found himself, after suffering imprisonment for refusing to sleep with his master’s wife, rose to greatness by the wisdom of God.

He invented a system of preserving perishable crops and food items that did not spoil for seven years. Imagine the world then when they did not have the kind of technology we enjoy now. Just imagine that for 5 seconds . . . 

Then I saw that even in the new testament of the Bible, Jesus who is the Lord and Christ simply lived on earth creating solutions, more particularly in the area of recreating the broken human spirit, restoring sick bodies and raising the dead. He also turned water into wine….above all, He talked about the possibility of those who believe in Him doing the same works that He did, and even more John 14vs12. I became startled and excited. Hey! Me? Yes! Even you! 

Then, as I began to read the history of men and women who have gone ahead of us in their own generation, I saw that many people who created solutions, businesses, products, services, songs, books and recreated men’s destinies created great things out of nothing. Most of them started with nothing but ideas, concepts, plans, strategies and then systems for the products they brought into existence. 

But I saw that many who have nothing but with potentials to bring into the world new products still remained as nobodies because some thought they had nothing to offer. Others thought they had no one to help them while others simply misused the opportunities they had. Some others had no platform to showcase their potentials. And this makes the graveyard a rich place because many people died with their unknown products, ideas, strategies, concepts, inventions, songs, books, ideologies, children, designs, languages, scripts and what have you. 

So I thought of a platform that can teach everyone that we are gods according to God’s Word (John 10vs34) which I have come to believe to be the final authority on every matter: whatever it says is the only truth.

I decided to help and encourage, inspire, and push everyone I can to be their true selves – Creators of original products of their destinies. And also to give a platform where we can all be challenged to leave our comfort zones, engage in creativity contests, know certain principles about the true human state and also make it possible with all of us, for everyone with new ideas and products to be able to launch/release them without thinking of breaking the bank or waiting for the next five years.

Knowledge and Wisdom from the Spirit of Creativity is all we need followed by helpers of destinies and direction from the Almighty God of Creativity.

This is what inspired me, especially because there is eternity which everyone must prepare for while on earth. There is life after now and I wouldn’t want to miss out in enjoying a peaceful eternity. For this reason, every knowledge or teaching necessary to help you and me enter a peaceful eternity with God will be presented here.

Therefore, this is also a platform for helping as many as are available to spend eternity with this God who loves us beyond our comprehension. 

You are more creative than you think.

Kenechukwu Isaac Chinwike.

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