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My Passion- Okechukwu Joseph Chinwike

Today on Find your Passion, Okechukwu Joseph Chinwike speaks on his Passion;

I like football because it’s a passion that runs through my vein and is something that makes me happy even without food.

Apart from spending time with God, football is my second hobby.

I play football, I think football, I dream football and it’s a hobby I cannot do without.


Football is the only Sport I have seen that brings people together irrespective of tradition and religious differences.

Football unites individuals, it unites nations, it Creates employment and harnesses talents.

Through football, you are exposed to people that matter in the society, football takes you around the globe even meeting people you only watched on television and heard about on national dailies.


Football has brought many nations together and is still doing.

Believe in yourself and never be discouraged in life because it has taken a lot of people to places and is still doing; but it depends on what one believes in.

If you love football, go for it. If that is your passion stay in it.

Just as football has created opportunities and employment for millions of people around the globe, you too can take your passion and harness it into a venture or tradition the world will forever celebrate.

Be creative with your passion. Be creative with your talent. Solve problems with what makes you happy because that’s one of the ways of securing a long life on earth.

I love football and have decided to form a structure and a system through which those who love football will become great in life and solve other people’s problems in the society and for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

I love football. What do you love? Turn it into a solution and create a better world for those around you. Make the burdens of people laid off their shoulders by looking into yourself and loving what you love the most.

I love football. What do you love?

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Joseph Okechukwu Chinwike

A graduate of Mass Communication from Enugu state university of Science and Technology, he is a Football lover, Organiser of Youth Football Academy, Writer, Journalist, Business man and a lover of God.