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Reigning as Kings

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God Placed man on earth to have dominion and not to make negotiations.

Kings don’t beg, they rule.

You are either dominating or you are intimidated.

Dominion is not a suggestion, it is a mandate.

Reigning as Kings unmasks the reality of the dominion of the saints. It is written as a manual for self-discovery; in a fast flowing style that you will never skip until the end.

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Chinedu Anago-Amanze is dynamic and fast evolving.

For nearly two decades, he has been an info-preneur. Trained as a psychologist, he is also an insightful teacher, author, pastor and speaker.

He is the lead-pastor of the ever vibrant and fast growing church, Advance Christian Center Abakaliki, Ebonyi State of Nigeria. He hosts the motivational programme “Insights for Impact” on radio.

Chinedu has authored several books including  The Beautiful Ones are BornNigeria AriseCash In your Trashand lots more.

He is married to Gloria Chinwe who co-pastors with him and presides over Empress Courts. They are blessed with three children; David, Michael and Gloria

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