An Interview with Justice Young on kenetelling

Eze Jesus (Imela) – Justice Young Interview


By Olivia Eze


Interview Section

How are you?
Fine, by the mercies of God

Okay. The world is waiting for your latest single “EZE JESUS (Imeela)”

Yes. It ready and is dropping immediately after now, to the glory of God.

Eze Jesus Imeela - Justice Young performing on stage 5

Your first single got over 13,000 downloads in few days on …, it shows you already have lovers of your music. So how do you intend keeping and increasing the lovers of your music?

How I intend keeping my fans is by giving them songs that will take them to the throne of God.
Music that will bring healing, salvation and deliverance.

Your songs are even played in South Africa, The USA , South Korea and other places. Congratulations! So Why do you sing, and why Gospel songs?

I sing because it is what am born to do

The main purpose for man’s creation is to praise God. After the devil disappointed God, He(God) created man to give him the glory. To show you how important praise is to God, he said if we refuse to worship him, that he will raise stones so it will be a shame for me to be alive and stones will praise God.

Eze Jesus Imeela - Justice Young performing on stage 1

When did you start singing?

I started singing at the age of 14

How are you inspired and how do you sustain your inspiration?

My inspirations comes while I sleep. All my songs have come in the dream

Your first single and the one about being released are nice songs. How do you write your songs?

Just like I said, I get my songs from the dream.

Are you from a musical family or you are the only singer in the family?

Am from a musical family, my dad’s younger brother is a singer and my dad’s elder sister is a singer too. But am the only one who sings professionally.

What message do you want to pass across with your kind of music?

The message I want to pass with my music is to give people what and reasons to worship God. My music is soul touching and the type that brings the worship atmosphere to you.
Music brings healing, deliverance and salvation.

Who influenced your musical life while growing up and right now?

Frank Edwards, Iyke Onka both inspired me to start singing professionally.

Do you play any instruments?

I play drums and I am learning how to play keyboard.

Eze Jesus Imeela - Justice Young performing on stage 2

Where do you see yourself in the Music industry five years from now?

I see myself at the top.

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment during performance in an event?

I have been embarrassed while ministering on stage, the generator set got spoilt and I had to resort to singing without instrumentals

How do you combine the musical Life with other aspects of your Life, like relationship with family, work, and daily responsibilities?

I must say it’s not easy combining music and other aspect of life but I will say with God all things are possible.

What’s your hobbies and how do you relax?

I like playing volleyball and when I want to relax I enjoy watching movies

What do you want the world to learn from you as a singer?

What I want the world to learn from me is humility, focus, hard work and above all holiness. Though one might fall, however always believe that the fall of man is not the end of life. Without sin, there won’t be forgiveness but don’t always expect to have the opportunity to be forgiven every time. Live your life like the trumpet might sound at anytime.

Finally what is your best scripture.

My favorite quote
Exodus 15:6

“Your right hand, O LORD, is majestic in power, Your right hand, O LORD, shatters the enemy.”

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