How to know the true identity to build your life around

How to know the true identity to build your life around

how to know the true identity to build your life around - kc Isaac Chinwike- kenetelling

The principle of life for the attainment of success is tied in the principle shown by God as revealed in the way He does things.

It is clear that many have struggled in life in their quest for success and greatness in life. This should not be the case as life has been tailored by God to be easy as long as one has identified the pathway to purpose.

Taking a look at the nature of God, it is clear that God has built a structure around his intrinsic nature and personality. God is LOVE. Now let us take a look at the things God does and the centrality of all He does.

how to know the true identity to build your life around - kc Isaac Chinwike 3- kenetelling

  • We are told plainly that God is love in the scriptures. If God is love and the same God has time for pleasure and even created humans for His pleasure, then we have seen a clue to the way of success and greatness.
  • If God is love and the same God judges and passes judgment on principalities, Kings and wicked men, then we have also discovered a clue to success in life and destiny.
  • If God is love and the same God has a reward system for those who comply with His ways and instructions then we have also found a clue to the way of success and great height in life.
  • God is gracious, God is king, God passes judgment, God pours vengeance, God laughs, God takes delight in the prosperity of His people, God hates sin but punished Jesus for the sins of the whole world, God fights wars and always comes out victorious, God gives instructions but forces no one to obey because each instruction of God has consequences when disobeyed and brings benefits when obeyed.
  • God shows mercy and grants request when asked in prayer or thoughts.
  • God kills and destroys when there is need to do so for the sake of His own people or His name’s sake.
  • God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.
  • God exalts one and brings down another.
  • God loves and dwells in the praises of His people.
  • He protects and at the same time can harm anyone no matter how protected they are.

We can only deduce one thing from the ways of God:

God has built a system of various structures around one thing which is LOVE, and that is who He is. God has used all His efforts to magnify and express one thing, LOVE.

And that brings us to the one and most important principle of good success.

It is the law of identifying the one thing that everything around you should revolve around.

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Who are you? What is your core nature? What is the centrality of vibrations of your heart? What is the last point of the clear and still waters within your soul?

There is something about you that the fears and confusions of life cannot take away or corrupt.

That is your true identity. That is your definition. That is your heart. That is your reality. That is who you are.

No amount of wrong information can corrupt it because it cannot be changed. No amount of ignorance can darken it because it is naturally enlightened. No amount of deception can change it because it is intrinsically unchangeable. No amount of manipulation can alter it because it is unalterable. Even death cannot stop it because it will keep expressing itself after judgment in the great beyond. Words cannot break it because it was given by a greater strength.

You identify this part of you by recognising its language of expression: LOVE; it mirrors itself through strong affinity and peaceful desire towards the external circumstances that look like its inner powers and potentials.

Whatever your heart loves and peacefully longs for with a strong drive to attain without fears of loneliness, that is the inner self and identity. It will be the easiest thing for you to attain, first in your thoughts/soul. At that realm there will be no struggles with its expressions. Even with little or no training you will have good success in the physical expression of this identity. Nurture it. Follow it.

If not followed, you will suffer an amount of emptiness and lack inner peace.

Yes, because the opposite of inner emptiness is fulfilment. The other side of lack of peace is inner peace.

Peace is an inner agreement of the soul/heart with the course and path it is being taken.

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A lack of inner peace is a good signal. It indicates that the ancient intelligent soul/heart is being forced into a path and course they were not created, programmed or empowered to follow.

When discovered, just like God, the next thing is to build a system of structures around it. In other words you have to put in your best efforts, thoughts, plans, strength and relationships around the one identity you have in your life. Build your life around this identity.

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