Young and Useful by Iheke Richy Chimezie 

Young and useful - Iheke Richy Chimezie - kenetelling2

My name is Iheke ‘Richy’ Chimezie. I am passionate about speaking to young people who are just as young as I am.

You have to know that you can be young and useful.  Being young has nothing to do with being useless. I play the drums, trumpet and also write. Therefore, I am useful and you too can be very useful.

Some Youths of Nowadays are ignorant of who they are, what they can do and what they are created for. You were created for impact. You have at least one talent the world is waiting to be blessed with.

Stop keeping the world waiting. Come out from your comfort Zone!

What is withholding you from exhibiting your hidden potentials? Within everyone dwells the Spirit of Creativity. Hence, Your ability to recognize and allow this Spirit to be expressed through you makes you a creator.

The SAGACIOUS TEAM in Conjunction with is here to let you know that you are created for exploits. Therefore be constantly aware that you are created to cause remarkable changes in our generation.

I cannot imagine a world without me. God knew I would be dangerously useful and decided to allow me to be born. This is my time and this is your time.

Don’t depend on the stories of those who have failed, but that is not the best. You can be young and useful.

You should look into yourself and fetch solutions from the deep well of inspiration in the Spirit of Creativity inside you.

Then begin to depend on the possibilities awaiting you.

Just like I said before, “You are great and highly creative.”

Arise and make use of it.

Young and useful - Iheke Richy Chimezie - kenetelling3


I drew this logo of my Church as a way of expressing my potential. The materials used are

  • Bead of many colours
  • Cardboard paper
  • Gum
  • And the frame

Just hanging out with you today on

Let us make good history by starting to create things even with little and from nothing. Make the world beautiful and make people shout “wow” through whatever you can create

Let us happen to the world

And in the words of the CEO of … KC-Isaac Chinwike, “somebody say I HEAR…



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Iheke Richy Chimezie