Is this August [Poem] – Eliada Chukwuma Ozoemena

Is This August?

A Poem by Eliada Chukwuma Ozoemena


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Is this August?

Approaching me like a wind loaded with dust
A monster pretending to be real and just
Coaches of train boarding distrust
In my book launch; a great day

On that innocent day
I contracted a date with August
Been, a day clustered with friends to trust
Confidants; they were politicians

In confidence; they were magicians
But I remained a persistent fool
Always fed with bad food
Hatred, lies and deceit

The deceivers receipt

When I was eighteen, somebody did it

At thirty eight too, my sister did it

Now,at forty eight; a repeat
Can you produce a book before August?

Why? I can! On August focus

My life became August
I work named August
My walk rhythm sounded August
My discussions centred on August

I found a new god, she was August
Wriggling in bed,I drew August
From me,my G-d could only hear August
Friends teased me with August

My colleagues got to know about August
I soliloquized only August
I dreamed only August
I hoped to live, only from August

I laughed because of August

Is that August, approaching?

Is that August, encroaching?
Helloh! Hulloh! Helloh!

Where are you?
Halloh! Hulloh! Halloh!

Soon, I will meet you
One million and one Times,
incubated for a millennium and one
No dick, no harry
No discussion, even in a hurry

And I died one hundred times a day
Everybody, a terror terrified me everyday
I looked up to the sky
Got energized, woke up and walked in the sky

My hand, I inserted in my heart
And the content I distribute to every heart
I insist on becoming an Idol
Never leaving any moment,a dull

In good faith I welcome you, August
And every gone thing, a dust.

__Eliada Chukwuma Ozoemena
__31st July, 2017.
_when disappointment became an energizer.

Is this August - Eliada Chukwuma Ozoemena - kenetelling

Eliada Chukwuma Ozoemena – Author of ‘Is this August?’

Is This August was written by Mr Eliada Chukwuma Ozoemena, a born writer, who studied in Umuoba Anam Community Secondary School Otuocha from 1982 to 1988.

He later did private studies at Okpunika,Ovia Nmuonara,where he bagged his diploma in creative writing.

He is a writer, a story teller, a poet, an artist, an orator, an instructor and a multi talented young man who has worked in reputable establishments.

He was once a banker, a teacher, a farmer, a trader, a manager of a reputable research company, Osmosis Research Consult, Awka, a freelance writer and secretary to various registered unions.

The Author is equally blessed with the creative act of mason work, Hydraform brick building, carpentry and general arts. Eliada presently, is a civil servant working with the Anambra State Ministry of Works, Awka.Nigeria.”