Try, you just might succeed – #KOFIBARTELS

Try, You just Might Succeed – #kofibartels

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Michael Jordan (@jumpman23) once said, “we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take“. As a basketball legend, he knows better than most the sporting truth that the more the shots you take, the higher your chances of scoring.

Watching France football star Antoine Griezmann score the winning goal against Uruguay in World Cup Russia 2018, I couldn’t help but think: what if he didn’t take that shot?

The shot that led to the goal was one which you would expect an average goalkeeper to make a routine and regulation save of. However, the very experienced Uruguayan goalkeeper fluffed his save and Griezmann’s shot found a comfortable resting place at the back of Uruguayan goal net.

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Many footballers would not take a shot if they weren’t sure to get the needed power and direction behind it. Not Griezmann. He took a chance. Maybe, just maybe the ball might go past the goalkeeper. He took his chance, tried the shot and GOLAAZOOO!!

The same is true of life in general. We never know the outcome of what we don’t try!

It has been proven that if you devote ONE hour a day to the study of a discipline, in FIVE years, you’ll most likely be good at it.

Every celebrated individual was once a novice, a nobody in his/her field. There was a point where they decided to TRY. I’m a perfect example!

What if Barack Obama didn’t TRY to be the first black President of the United States, even when the odds were massively stacked against him?

What if Lionel Messi didn’t TRY to be a football star because he was smaller in size than his peers?

What if Nelson Mandela didn’t TRY to do something about apartheid in South Africa?

What if Kwame Nkrumah didn’t TRY to lead the struggle to make Ghana the first independent sub-saharan nation because he was the youngest of his political contemporaries?

Sometimes, you have to just TRY. YOU JUST MIGHT SUCCEED!

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