Creative Corners with the Producer, ‘Miracle Special Perfume’

Creative Youth Wednesday – “Miracle Special Perfume”


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Meet Miracle Ifunanya Nnam, a young Nigerian girl who makes Perfumes, liquid soap, roll-on, air freshener, and car wash. She refused to be idle and has gone ahead to be an example to youths around the world.

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What is the name of your brand of perfume?

“Miracle Special Perfume” – MSP

When did you start?

I started production of this perfume this year after being trained last year in 2017. I reside in Aba, and since January I have been producing for myself, the family and for some customers who have fallen in love with my upcoming brand.

What is special about your perfume?

Good fragrance that evokes a sense of relaxation and smartness.


I reside in Aba but can take the perfume around to any location where I look forward to meeting new customers. I also revisit lovers of my products making sure I get feedback from them and to supply them new products once the old one is finished.


The perfume is colourless and has no problem with your clothing. It does not stain your clothes. So be free to use “MSP” lol.

Contracts and supplies

I can also supply in large quantities or volumes for families, offices and schools, especially those who want to use something good that is coming from a creative and hardworking young Nigerian who has decided never to depend on boys or older men for her livelihood. All you need is to use one of my products. Place your demand and have it delivered to your doorstep.


Hatred for idleness coupled with a desire to create something out of nothing launched me into this great path. After my secondary school education, I decided to learn some skills that will benefit me and the family. My guardians Very Rev. Sunday Okoh & Ezinne Joy Oko helped me to acquire these skills by sending me to the places necessary for such knowledge. And I returned to dazzle everyone with my great knowledge and new skill set.


She also teaches people how to do any of these things she has learnt to do with ease. So feel free to contact her for lectures in your home, school, offices or during youth/students seminars anywhere in the nation. Only make sure to give her at least two weeks’ notice.

Miracle Ifunanya Nnam – 09039623001