Wings of Hatred by Eliada Chukwuma Ozoemena

Wings of Hatred
Written by Eliada Chukwuma Ozoemena

Wings of Hatred


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My teachers, permit me to discuss about hatred today. Hatred is a very powerful word, non ever knew it’s strength until after it has succeeded in eating deep into the fabrics of our community. It’s dualism is exhibited in positive and negative forms.

Myself as a writer, a researcher and a story teller got to know the intrinsic meaning of hatred above the ordinary day to day assertions we take it to be, about two and half decades ago. That, was on one occasion I visited Hon. Fidel Okafor. While in the course of our interaction, I said, “I hate politics!” The gentleman, who later became the Honorable Chairman of Anambra East Local Government Council, intelligently halted my ignorance. He corrected me by explaining what it means to hate and to dislike. From that day’s discussion with him I got to know that hatred could be so deadly that one has to be careful in using it on fellow beings, concepts or even non living being.

This entails that to hate is to dislike extremely without any atom of love reserved for what you invest your energy in applying hatred on.

If one hates, one provides no positive room for what he hates unlike dislike, which may peradventure, be changed.

Having said the above in view of the holy meaning of hatred, we must learn that there are positive natures of the word – in my own concept and perspective. When one doesn’t like immorality and the disgusting acts of termination of God’s own life, what do we call such affection? Simply, hatred. This is dislike to the core.

In other words, we must hate the bad, generally and equally hate what we assume to be bad and irrelevant in our own conception. The later is obtainable from the concepts of religion, some of which are bent on fanaticism and brainwashing phenomenon.

For instance, I practice Orthodox Judaism. This entails that Christianity is idolatrous to me as African traditionalism is, to the former.

What then is my message here? We must learn to operate under the auspices of tolerance and cordiality. Let’s learn to dislike a concept, but love human beings.

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This, if achieved, will provide the favourable Earth we may desire to live in.

In another development, my teachers, I will like to draw our legs to the hatred we nurture or apply on fellow individuals, either in physical life, social media or in related places. It has ever been a fresh citadel of learning to me, now that I have taken it upon myself to pay back the intellectual bonus our literary writers of three decades ago gave me, through making it customary in my young literary life, reading the excerpts of their wonderful stories in literature columns of newspapers of those days.

Suffice to say that I constantly post the excerpts of my literary works on social media for the reading pleasure of the literature enthusiasts and the public at large. It became two edged sword that points at me, one positive, the other, negative.

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One, a lot of readers’ enthusiasm adds meaning to my writing life.

Two,which I dread so much, remains that word, hatred.Why?

Most probably, one of our local adages says, “onye echelu na onwurugo mesili dukete, dikwuo ndu kalia ndi nobu ndu”.

I observed and perceived the emergence and stubborn presence of the hatred college in recent time. Most scholars in the circle are educated to the core. Although they are ranked as “the literate illiterates” to me. A few of them secretly enjoy my work and personality, yet insist on applying hatred to me.

Can we finally learn what hatred means? If we can, let’s control our bigotry and negative notions about our fellows for the continual positive existence of the humanity within our reach.

Thank you!

**Eliada Chukwuma Ozoemena**
written on 16th July,2017.